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1What platforms do you offer?
We offer MetaTrader 5.
2Which broker do you use?
We use Scandinavian Capital Markets to host our trading accounts in MetaTrader 5.
3What is the largest account size you offer?
We offer up to $1,000,000 in funding for each trader. With the Tradiac scaling plan, you can scale from $10,000 to $1,000,000. Alternatively, you can start from a $100,000 account and scale 10 times, to reach 1 million dollars.
4Can I trade with FIX API?
No, there is not support for FIX API Trading available at this time.
5Am I required to use a stop loss?
No, it is not mandatory, we do not require you to use a stop loss.
6What is a funded trader program?
A funded trader program is a platform that offers financial backing to individual traders in exchange for a share of the profits they generate.
7Do you have a swap-free account?
No. Tradiac is not a broker and does not offer such an account type.
8What is the difference between Tradiac, Brainiac and Mainaic?
Tradiac, Brainiac and Maniac are considered difficulty settings, determining your profit target for passing challenges, redemptions and levelling up. While higher difficulty settings have greater higher profit targets, they also offer more generous daily loss and max loss limits.
9What is the maximum leverage I can trade with?
1What is Tradiac?
A funded trader program where clients take an assessment and upon passing get access to funded accounts to trade and scale up.
2Are there any recurring fees to join?
No. The initial assessment fee covers all costs associated with participating in the assessment. You will not be required to pay recurring costs for market data, trading platforms or anything else. However, if you fail your assessment, you’ll need to purchase again or purchase a redemption.
3Do you have any payout proof?
Yes. We have QR code verified payout proof certificates. You can use those to tell who is fake and who is the real deal.
4Can I have more than one account?
No, you can only have one active account at a time.
5How long does it take to get my account?
You should receive your assessment account within 10 minutes of completing your purchase.
6How does scaling work?
Each Tradiac account is automatically a scalable account once you get to the funding stage. For example if you start with a $50k account, each time you reach your profit target another $50k will be added to your next account. You would go from $50k, to $100k, from $100k to $150k, and so on until you reach $1m in funding. As soon as you hit your profit target in your funded account and close out your positions, you will be assigned a new account at the next level and your 90% of profits for that level will be paid out to you.
7How do I pass an assessment?
To pass an assessment you must meet the profit target of your trading track and close out all open trades to successfully complete the assessment.
8What is a trading track?
We currently support 3 trading tracks, Tradiac, Braniac and Maniac. Each having different profit targets, and drawdown and max daily loss rules.
9What happens after passing an assessment?
When you pass the assessment, we will provide you with a funded account to trade at your discretion. You will be trading funds provided by Tradiac in an MT5 account with Scandinavian Capital Markets, earning a performance fee on your trading profits.
1What is the max daily loss rule?
If your account equity reaches or exceeds a 5% drawdown (depending on your trading track, max daily loss will vary) within a given day, you will trigger the max daily loss rule. The max daily loss rule is triggered when your equity falls below 5% of your end-of-day balance at the end of the previous day at 22:00 UTC. Your end-of-day balance is updated at the end of each day. All details will be visible inside the user area on the website or the app.
2What is the max trailing loss rule?
Examples are based on the Tradiac trading track. If your account equity reaches or exceeds a 10% drawdown from the high watermark, you will breach the max trailing loss rule. When starting a new program, your high watermark equals your starting balance. Each time you realize profits, your high watermark will increase. It will not decrease with losses.
3What is the maximum exposure I can have in my account?
You have up to 20:1 leverage. You can open up 5 lots max per trade. You can open as many trades as you like until you run out of free margin in the account.
4Can I hold positions overnight and over the weekends?
Yes. You can hold trades both overnight and over the weekends.
5What happens after passing an assessment?
When you pass the assessment, we will provide you with a funded account to trade at your discretion. You will be trading funds provided by Tradiac in an MT5 account with Scandinavian Capital Markets, earning a performance fee on your trading profits.
6What happens if I don’t trade for several weeks?
Your account will be closed if you don't open, close, or modify any positions for 30 consecutive days. If you have a funded account, you remain entitled to your performance fee from the profits in the account. Unfortunately, you must retake the assessment if we terminate your account due to inactivity.
7Do I forfeit the profits in my funded account if I breach the rules?
Yes. Unless you pass the redemption test in the specified period. Upon passing the redemption, your progress will be restored.
8Can I hold positions during major news events?
9What is your performance fee?
All accounts are automatically set to 90/10 profit split with 90% going to the clients
1Is the assessment fee refundable?
2How and when can I get a payout?
Once you have a funded account with at least 2% profit, you can request a payout anytime. There is no time restriction on when you can have your first payout. After that it is once every 14 days. That's about 2 withdrawals a month.
3What are the commissions?
If you’re trading currencies and metals, the commission is $7 per lot. There are no commissions charged for trading oil, or indices.
4What instruments can I trade?
Our broker partner, Scandinavian Capital Markets, offers dozens of trading instruments, including currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, oil and indices.
5Can I use automated strategies or custom indicators to trade?
Yes. We are looking for the best traders. We support traders and their tools on their way to success.
6Can I use a high-frequency trading strategy?
No. Our objective is to cooperate with traders using strategies we can replicate. HFT strategies are hard to monetise and often result in poor performance.
7Do you allow VPS/N?
Yes. You can use a VPS to host your expert advisor while trading with Tradiac. The MT5 server with Scandinavian Markets are hosted in London.
8Can I trade in a currency other than USD?
No. All accounts are USD based.
9What countries are accepted?
Traders from all over the world are accepted. With the exception of sanctioned countries. If you aren’t sure if you qualify, please check in with our our terms and conditions.
1How do I verify my identity?
Anyone passing the assessment for the first time will need to verify their identity. To verify your identity, you must provide a copy or photo of your ID or Passport and a copy or photo of a bank statement or utility bill verifying your address.
2Why do I need to verify my identity?
While we don’t provide financial services, we must verify who trades our capital and who will receive payouts.
3What is a redemption test and how does it work?
A redemption test allows you to keep the progress of your account at its most current scaling level while you are scaling up rather than losing your progress and having to start from the beginning, upon a risk management failure. You have 30 calendar days to opt in for a redemption. After this period you will have to start over from the beginning.
4How do you calculate the price for a redemption?
The base capital of your checkpoint level multiplied by 0.95%
5Is there a limit to how many redemptions I can take?
Redemptions are unlimited. As long as they are purchased within 30 days of the RMF (Risk Management Failure)


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