Tradiac is a technology-driven funded trader program that allows remote traders to manage
capital allocated by a London-based fund specialising in alternative investments.



Tradiac is proudly pioneering the second generation of funded trader programs. Our mission is to find and nurture the best traders in the world and give them the support needed to prosper.

Unlike our competitors, we have built a proprietary real-time risk management engine to monitor rules and risk.

Frequent  questions

Is Tradiac regulated?
No. Tradiac is not regulated and nor is it required to be under any securities regulation. Tradiac does not accept deposits from traders. Payments received from traders are an enrollment fee, not an investment. The funds allocated to traders are proprietary capital, and the profits, therefore, belong to Tradiac. In contracts between Tradiac and funded traders, it’s stated they are remunerated with a performance-based fee for their work. In case of failing a funded level, you can restore your saved checkpoint by doing a redemption test. Important to note that after failing a funded level, checkpoints expire in 30 days if the redemption is not started.
Whose money is being traded?
The capital allocated to the funded trader accounts is provided by a London-based proprietary trading firm specialising in spot forex and commodities and managing private funds.
How does Tradiac make money?
Our primary source of revenue is from proprietary trading activities. While we retain 10% of the profits in accounts managed by funded traders, we multiply position sizes from traders at our discretion.



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